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"Every day we celebrate the success of our residents!"

Caring for your loved one during rehabilitation, we provide a healing touch in a home-like atmosphere.  Our state-of-the-art therapy departments will help your loved one achieve their highest level of functioning and independence.  As your loved one reaches their rehabilitation goals, we celebrate their accomplishments.

Our highly qualified professionals will help your loved one achieve their rehabilitation goals by providing exceptional care in physical, occupational and speech therapies:

  • Our Physical Therapy Department helps residents regain mobility, increase endurance and reduce pain.
  • Our Occupational Therapy Department helps residents resume daily activities with minimal stress and fatigue.
  • Our Speech Therapy Department helps residents with verbal and non-verbal communication, cognitive abilities and swallowing disorders.
For additional information about our team of rehab professionals contact the facility closest to you.

Testimonials . . .

"I went to Twin Oaks Rehabilitation and Nursing Center after a fall that left me weak.  When I first arrived at Twin Oaks, I could not even stand.  After a few weeks of therapy,
I returned home with the ability to walk again.  Their therapists and nurses were all very polite and motivated me to work very hard!"
-- Gertrude Jasmann

"The therapists and nurses at Twin Oaks Rehabilitation and Nursing Center helped me return home.  After being injured from a fall, I chose to go to Twin Oaks for Rehabilitation.  Now, I am happy that I did!  My short stay was very beneficial.  I am now resuming a fulfilling life.  The therapists encouraged me daily to reach goals to become stronger."  -- Pauline Bowers

In the hospital, I was being treated for a respiratory illness that left me very weak.  Following my stay at the hospital, I was admitted to Kaweah Manor for short-term therapy to build my strength and endurance.  Their professional staff and rehabilitation services exceeded my expectations.  Now, I am able to return home again a lot stronger and happier! 
-- Joyce Wyatt

"After a brief stay in the hospital, my brother, Malaquias Sanchez, went to Kaweah Manor for continued care.  Following several days of intensive therapy and rehabilitation, he is now returning home a lot stronger.  Staff members were very kind and professional.  They encouraged my brother to work hard in therapy so he could once again resume a more active lifestyle."   -- Lebrado Sanchez

"I was hospitalized with severe pneumonia.  After a short stay in the hospital, I was transferred to Twin Oaks Rehabilitation and Nursing Center.  When I first arrived, I weighed only 125 pounds and could not walk or dress myself.  Today, after a few weeks of rehabilitation, I am stronger, healthier and walking.  Best of all . . . I am returning home again where I can enjoy my family!"  -- Welzie (Butch) Miller

"After suffering from a serious illness, I went to Twin Oaks Rehabilitation and Nursing Center.  Upon my arrival, I could not sit-up for more than a couple of minutes.  Their rehabilitation team was excellent and always went above and beyond to motivate me to work hard.  Today, I am home again and walking with a walker.  With a little more time, I expect a full recovery.  During my three month stay at Twin Oaks, I always felt safe and received great care!"
-- Glenna Haley

Glenna Haley pictured with professional team.

"During a recent illness, I became very weak.  After a short stay in the hospital, I went to Browning Manor for rehabilitation and nursing care.  Their therapy departments were exceptional, and all of their staff members were very friendly.  After 30 days of personalized rehab, I returned home much stronger.  My entire stay at Browning Manor was outstanding!"  -- Armando Jimenez

"My wife, Pat, had surgery for a broken hip.  Following her stay at Tulare Regional Medical Center, she went to Twin Oaks Rehabilitation and Nursing Center for eight weeks of rehabilitation.  I could not have asked for better care while she was there.  Staff members were very considerate, well-trained and friendly.  Thanks to you, she is walking without the aid of any devices.  Please accept my sincere thank you."  -- Tom Drilling

"I went to Twin Oaks Rehabilitation and Nursing Center after an illness that left me extremely weak.  Upon my arrival, I wanted to return home.  However, my family insisted I remain at Twin Oaks for rehabilitation.  I am so glad I did!  Their rehabilitation team strived daily to motivate me to work hard.  Prior to my stay at Twin Oaks, I could barely walk a couple of steps.  Now I am walking and enjoying my life again!" 
-- Lydia Gallegos

"I went to Twin Oaks Rehabilitation and Nursing Center to receive therapy for a broken leg and hip.  During my 9 week stay, their therapy department motivated me to work hard.  Also, staff members were very professional and friendly.  Once my therapy was complete, I moved to Twin Oaks Assisted Living Center for a couple of months to gain more strength.  Now, I am walking without any devices and dancing again at the Tulare Senior Center!"
-- Joan Manning                                 

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